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Freestanding shading tiltable structure “INSPIRATION”

Product Features

  • Easy installation (2 posts)
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Tiltable with solar energy for following the sun or fix 
  • Steel “Powder Coated” structure
  • Sail shade in more than 50 colors
  • Up to 98% UV protection
  • 15 years limited warranty on structure and shade sail
  • Made in Canada 
  • U.S.Patend No.11.174.655


INSPIRATION 9: 3.0m X 3.0m sail (ground space required 3.6m X 3.6m)
INSPIRATION 18: 4.3m X 4.3m sail (ground space required 4.9m X 4.9m)
INSPIRATION 24: 4.9m X 4.9m sail (ground space required 5.5m X 5.5m)

Note: The required ground space is 0.6m larger than the sail

Budget prices including the installation on existing bases (call us for more details) :

INSPIRATION 9 : Fix $7,600+tx     Tiltable $9,100+tx

INSPIRATION 18 : Fix $8,500+tx   Tiltable $10,000+tx

INSPIRATION 24 : Fix $9,000+tx   Tiltable $10,500+tx

Download area of technical documents for 2D and 3D drawing



Free standing stucture “Zen Zone”

Product Features

  • Easy installation (8 pieces)
  • Several rings, several possibilities to place the shade sail
  • Excellent wind resistance
  • Fully custom made from 12’ X 12’ to 24’ X 24’ per structure
  • Very solid “Powder Coated” painted steel with 2″ square tubes
  • Shade sail available in more that 50 colors
  • Up to 98% UV protection
  • 15 years limited warranty on structure and shade sail
  • Pricing examples : 12′ x 12′ = $11,600+tx, 16′ x 16′ = $15,200+tx, 24′ x 24′ = $18,300+tx
  • Made in Canada 


The Canopi Wave Shade is a fully customisable, easily retractable shade which can be attached to pergolas, homes, walls and poles.

  • Price from $32/sqf shipping included for auto-installation projects.
  • Installation by a professional team not included. Contact us for a quote.


Download Canopi Wave Shade Brochure

Cool for long, up to 15 years warranty.

The shade sails are guaranteed for up to 15 years by the manufacturer against deterioration caused by UV rays.

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